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  • Process: Users access the site and make their corresponding selection(s). Once the purchase(s) are confirmed (cleared per banking institution), an access password(s) will be emailed to the purchaser based on selection(s) requested.


  • Passwords: Passwords will automatically expire. The purchaser will receive the expiration timeframe via email with the corresponding password(s). Expiration is usually 48 hours unless otherwise stated via the email confirmation.


  • Passwords are accessible via most standard devices / browsers: Android, IOS, Laptops, Windows, Desktops, and Tablets. Customers are responsible for using a device that has access prior to password expiring. Example: if the browser does not allow access via your mobile device, seek access via a Laptop, Desktop, or Wifi connection.


  • Passwords are usually sent within 24 hours (except during times of high traffic, system update, or pending bank approval).


  • Password Lost:  If a password is lost (within 48 hours of the order) or not received in 48 hours please notify To receive a reply, the order number must be included in the subject line. Notifications of lost passwords must be received before that timeframe. Any passwords approved for reissue will have a 24 hour expiration and only for the same intial approved order. Any used passwords cannot be reissued.


  • Policies: The store does not sell music. Purchases are for the password only and site maintenance. Passwords will expire per the provided timeframe.


  • Ultamate Productions is not responsible if a customer allows a password to expire prior to them using the password.


  • Ultamate Productions is not responsible if a customer has spam blocking that deletes or blocks email communication.


  • Refunds: Refunds are not eligible. Any used passwords cannot be refunded.





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